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Mobile Bartending and Liquid Catering

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Liqueurs are spirits (such as vodka or gin) that have been flavored and sweetened. They tend to have a lower alcohol content than their base liquor. The term liqueur is interchangeable with cordial.

Coffee, Nuts, Cream

Kahlua – popular coffee flavored liqueur
Amaretto – almond flavored
Baileys Irish Cream – cream and cocoa flavored

Spice, Herbs, Florals

Fireball – whiskey based cinnamon liqueur
Galliano – a mix of herbs, fruit and florals but vanilla dominates
Drambuie – scotch based liqueur flavored with honey and herbs


Absinthe — a strong, green-tinted anise-flavored spirit
Sambuca – Italian anise/licorice flavored liqueur
Jägermeister – German herb liqueur


Cointreau – orange flavored, one of the most famous brands of triple sec
Grand Marnier – also a poplar brand, a bit sweeter than Cointreau
Limoncello – an Italian lemon liqueur


Chambord – black raspberries
Sloe Gin – a gin-based liquor flavored with Sloe berries
Midori – honeydew melon